Our first flavor created, Vanilla Bean is a personal favorite of a number of our staff.  Add it to a hot apple pie, or warm brownie and you're ready for a spirited treat

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The Chocolate may be the flavor we're most proud of.  The alcohol base seemed to linger slightly in the mixing, but just enough to let you know it's there.

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We use only Oregon sourced, Pure Blackberry Concentrate. It’s like plopping a bunch of fresh Blackberries into a bowl and then covering them with Sweet Cream.

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We went through over 10 lbs of coffee, before getting it right. In the end, you get the coffee on the front end with the cocoa coming along after that, but neither one is overpowering or steals the show.

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What happens when you put a chemist and a lover of spirits in a room?  They start coming up with the craziest ideas you could imagine.

That's kinda how this all started.  Between our distiller and our chemist, we started looking at ways of creating a vodka-based ice cream that doesn't look like a slushy and actually tastes like ice cream.

Not being dairy farmers ourselves, we went to the experts.  Living in a region well known for it's dairy products, it wasn't long before we had found the perfect base to create our ice cream from, sourced locally in the Portland area.

Once we had our base, we started working in our vodka at different points in the process and after many batches, we created an ice cream that tastes like an ice cream, but contains 8% alcohol.

We were pretty excited!



Trying some ice cream

We are currently offering Two Birds Ice Cream the following locations:

Our Tasting Room in St. Helens .  If you'd like to have a taste, please shoot us a message or come down to St. Helens to the tasting room and give it a go!