Our Approach

We believe that sourcing the best ingredients is a fundamental part of creating an ice cream worthy of being "spirited".  We didn't want to make another "slushy wine".  We wanted ice cream, real ice cream.  Patience, Oregon dairy farmers, and the purest vodka we could create were needed to make this a true alcoholic ice cream.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and we started with a series of vodkas that weren't charcoal filtered in the American style, but used a European distilling process that gave us a much cleaner, smoother vodka.

We realized that this vodka could be used in a variety of new and creative avenues, and given our love of sweets, we were drawn towards the idea of a spirited ice cream.

Meet the Team

We're not great designers, or marketing experts, or Fortune 500 business owners.  We're just a couple guys that love alcohol, and have a sweet tooth to boot.  We love our craft, and we hope you will too!



Sailor & Distiller

A navy boy, Lloyd can be found giving tastings, or milling around the distillery creating new wonderful flavors of vodka or ice cream.



Chemist & Crafts

Sometimes chemists can be a bit....well, cranky.  Ken, while an amazing chemist, is normally not found at the bar table hosting tables.  Trust me, you're welcome.

get in touch

For more information, or to schedule a tasting at our St. Helens location, please get in touch and we'll get something scheduled!